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Meet Our President

Meet Our President

Avram Freedberg currently serves on the board of directors of Connecticut Free Shakespeare.  Avram long ago decided that giving to charitable organizations was important. He has set aside portions of proceeds from numerous products over the years dedicated to specific organizations.

Through the generosity of National Collector's Mint's customers, the company has donated over $2,000,000 to charitable organizations, most especially September 11th related relief funds. Click here for a complete list of organizations, that have benefited from National Collector's Mint's donations. Being involved in so many organizations, and giving to so many others, it is natural that Avram's keen interest in politics and his friendly, outgoing style have allowed him the opportunity to meet with many well-known government figures including President Jimmy Carter, Senator John McCain, Senator Joe Lieberman, former UN Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and New York Senator Hillary Clinton, among many others.

Avram met Barry Goldwater, Jr. in a business dealing earlier in his career and the two immediately hit it off. When National Collector's Mint was founded, Goldwater joined the board of directors of National Collector's Mint and with Angela Marie (Bay) Buchanan, now serves as Co-chair of the National Collector's Mint Board of Advisors, providing guidance to the company, and serving as spokespeople. Avram's business partner is Mary Beth Dale who serves as President of StratusCom, providing marketing and telemarketing services to NCM. She oversees much of the company's operation. Avram lives in Connecticut with his wife Rhoda. They recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

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